Gloria Zein / A perfect friend (but not p.c.) / 2015 / 48 x 28 x 31cm / glazed ceramic and boots

Gloria Zein lives (mostly) in Berlin.




2011  MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (GB)
2001  International Summer Academy of Fine Art, Salzburg (A), Class of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov
1998  Graduation Architecture at Technical University Vienna (A)

Studied Architecture and Philsophy at Technical University Darmstadt (D) Ecole d'Architecture Paris La Vilette (F) / Erasmus-Grant, University Vienna (A) and Technical University Vienna (A).


2016  1st prize public art competition, United Nations Campus, Bonn (D) (view here)
2015  Berlin Art Prize (D), shortlisted
2015  Sculpture shock, Royal British Society of Sculptors (UK), shortlisted for the category "historic"
2014  Royal British Society of Sculptors: RBS Bursary Award (UK)
2013  Lebensart Förderpreis Skulptur (prize for emerging sculptors) (D), shortlisted
2011  Cass Prize for Sculpture, London (UK)
2004  Szpilman Award (D), shortlisted



2015  Kunstresidenz Bad Gastein (A)
2014  M4gastatelier, Tetterode, Amsterdam (NL)
2013  Salzamt, Linz (A)
2008  Emiliy Harvey Foundation, Venice (I)

Solo exhibitions

2016  Galerie Sturm, Nürnberg (D): "ohne Helm und ohne Hose" (neither helmet nor pants)
2014  M4gastatelier, Tetterode, Amsterdam (NL), open studio: "Specific degrees of whiteness in a poisonous elephant"
2014  bb15, Linz (A), "phobophobia phobiae"
2012  Goethe-Institut London / London Festival of Architecture (UK), "I can't stop the dancing chicken"
         invited by Claudia Amthor-Croft
2008  Iranian Artists' Forum, Tehran, Iran: "philosophers' beds/bedding philosophers"
2007  Galerie Rossella Junck, Berlin, "p h i l o s o p h e n  b e t t e n - Konzepte individueller Verortung"
2004  Factor 44, Antwerpen, Belgium, "Vorspiel(e)"
2003  Goethe Institut Paris, France, "Vorspiel(e)"
2003  German-French Cultural Institute Aachen (D), "Vorspiel(e)"


2014  Salon Mutlu Berlin (D), "Sculptures to be sung at" – along Florian Japp
2011 Cass Prize for Sculpture, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (UK), "TH.I.W.H." - along Aaron Mc Peake


Selected group exhibitions

2016  EIGEN+ART Lab, Berlin (D) "Höhenrausch"
2016  Axel Obiger, Berlin (D) "Gutes Geleit", invited by Susanne Ring
2015  Sommer.Frische.Kunst, Bad Gastein (A), invited by Andrea von Goetz
2015  Berlin Art Prize, Disctrict Berlin (D)
         Selected by Monica Bonvicini, Natasha Ginwala, Elise Lammer, Kitty Kraus, Willem de Rooij
2015  Hilbertraum, Berlin (D), Früher oder später
2014  OUTPOST, Norwich (UK), Members Show, selected by Martin Westwood
         with John Lawrence, Robert Filby, Vera Kox, Fay Nicolson, Mike Goddard, Simon Liddement, Kate Morrell
2014  Kreuzbergpavillon, Berlin (D), "WHATEVER IS ACHIEVED AT 7 PM"
         with Florian Japp and Frank Hülsbömer
2014  Spor Klübü, Berlin (D) "IWF Mördertreff"
2014  Royal British Society of Sculptors, London (UK), "RBS Bursary Awards"
         with Samuel Adams, Neil Ayling, Gillian Duffy, Beatrice Haines, Marguerite Humeau, Emma Hunter,
         Virgile Ittah, Hollie Mackenzie, Ana Catarina Pereira
2014  shimmer (CH), an online gallery by Miriam Steinhauser2013  Kunstverein
2012  CASS Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood, Sussex (UK)  
2012  Spor Klübü, Berlin (D), "Cocaine – blows my brain" invited by Matthias Mayer
2012  Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice (I) "P A P Y R I - Guestbooks, Bookworks and Similar Departures" project: Berty Skuber
2012  Funkhaus Berlin (D) "Broadcast" invited by Amir Fattal and Wil Murray
2011  Chisenhale Gallery, London (UK) "Chelsea Salon Series" 
2010  Kunstverein Tiergarten/Galerie Nord, Berlin (D), "Niederlassung" invited by Ralf Hartmann
2010  Lithuanian National Gallery of Art (LT) "Body. Gestures, Postures and Beyond"
         invited by Dovile Tumpyte, Egle Mikalajunaite and Tautvydas Bajarkevicius
         with Miranda Pennell, Dan Graham, Józef Robakowski, Doug Aitken, Elena Kovylina, Mark Raidpere,
         Jesper Just, Katarina Zdjelar, Marina Abramoviç & Ulay 
2010  Madrid Abierto, Madrid (E) invited by Cecilia Andersson 
2009  Emily Harvey Foundation, New York City (USA) "A book about death" a project by Matthew Rose
2009  Kunstraum Düsseldorf (D) Trendwände, invited by Katja Schlenker
         with Naomi Akimoto and Flora Hitzing
2007  Künstlerhaus Dortmund (D) "COPYCATS - vom B.Nutzen"
2006  NGBK, Berlin (D) "SEXWORK  Art Mythos Reality"
2006  ArtSpace, New Haven (USA) "Confinement and the Art of Decoration"


Commisions / Art in Public space

2015  UN Campus Bonn (D)
         competition for an art-projet within a new office tower of the United Nations Campus - 1st Prize
2015  THW Bundesschule Neuhausen (D),
         invited to participate in the competition for an art-projet within the extension of the national advanced training centre
2014  Informations- Kommunikations- und Medienzentrum der Universität Potsdam IKMZ (D), invited to participate in the
         competition for an art-projet at the University's new media and library building
2013  St. Johannis, Berlin (D)
         Part of “Kunst jetzt draussen” an outdoor art festival initiated by Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin (D)
2013  Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen (D): invited as part of the “Park for unwanted sculptures” by
         Elmgreen & Dragset
2012  Goethe-Institut London / London Festival of Architecture (GB):
         I can’t stop the dancing chicken. Installation for the 50. anniversary and reopening of the Goethe-Institut London
2011  Cass Prize for Sculpture, London (GB):
         Commision of a new sculpture: Chelsea College of Art and Design, London
2010  Madrid Abierto, Madrid (E)
         Soundwork for the Festival of Art in Public Space
2009  NGBK Berlin (D), Glück Gehabt - Kunst im Untergrund



Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood (UK)
Chelsea College of Art and Design, Library Special Collections, London (UK)
Goethe-Institut London (UK)
Mittelrhein Museum Koblenz (D)
University of the Arts, London (UK)


Radio- and Broadcast

"The Breathing Project," since 2002

> madrid breathing, Festival Madrid Abierto, Februar 2010
Radio 3-Radio Nacional de España, La Libelula, 26.02.2010
> new haven breathing, ultra radio, 16.03.2006
> antwerp breathing, radiocentraal Antwerp, 23.04.2004
> washington breathing, art@radio Washington DC, 04.12.2002 
> ny breathing, WKCR radio station, NY, 13.09.2002 
> frankfurt breathing, free manifesta frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany, july/august 2002 


2015  Royal British Society of Sculptors (UK)
2014  Royal British Society of Sculptors (UK)
2012  Goethe-Institut London (UK): Talk with Stephanie Rosenthal
2011  CassArt London (UK)
2008  parkingallery, Teheran (Iran)



2012  Transart Institute, Berlin / New York: Visiting tutor
2005-2010  Technical University Braunschweig (D), Department of Architecture, Institute of Fine Art: Visiting Lecturer + tutor
2006  Educational Center for the Arts - ECA, New Haven (USA): Visiting Lecturer

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