A bed for Hans-Joachim Lenger

Hans-Joachim Lenger teaches philosophy and the history of media at the art school (HFBK) of Hamburg, Germany, and at the University of Bale, Switzerland. He has, among others, written a book about the farewell, the parting of the philosophy from itself ("Vom Abschied").

In Hamburg, we discussed our common difficulty of finding our way into and out of bed. We talked about the blockage (that he has experienced and I still live) of buying a proper bedstead ("ein Gestell" that might stand in our way?). Is that because every time we fall into sleep, we say farewell - not knowing, if we will come back?

When we go to bed and turn to the wall, what do we turn to? Lenger asked. What do we see, what lives do we live in our sleep? What is the precise difference of mind while sleeping and waking? (Which one is 'reality'?)



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