Radio- and Broadcast Performances: "The Breathing Project," since 2002


Imagine, you were walking at night through the streets of your city and the buildings started to breath softly.
"The breathing project" is the idea of a collective, large-scale happening, in which all inhabitants of different cities could participate. Broadcasted via radio, the composition based on the sound of breath was projected by the audience at open windows into the public space. Passing pedestrians could thus perceive the sound emerging from the surrounding buildings.

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> madrid breathing, Madrid Abierto, Februar 2010
Radio 3-Radio Nacional de EspaƱa, 26.02.2010

> new haven breathing, ultra radio, 16.03.2006

> antwerp breathing, radiocentraal Antwerp, 23.04.2004

> washington breathing, art@radio Washington DC, 04.12.2002

> ny breathing, WKCR radio station, NY, 13.09.2002

> frankfurt breathing, free manifesta frankfurt, july/august 2002

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