• Gloria Zein
  • TH.I.W.H. (2011)
  • Cass Prize for Sculpture 2011

I can’t stop the dancing chicken was commissioned specially for the 50th anniversary and reopening of the Goethe-Institut London in 2012.

The terrace and balcony on the building’s rear side acted as a stage for two vivid large-scale sculptures that change shape and form depending on the angle of approach. They could be seen from the public space (from May 2012 throughout April 2013).
Untitled Sculpture. Steel, GFK, lacquer, H 320 x 577 x 340cm
Set. Steel, GFK, lacquer, H 227 x 335 x 336cm

Main stairwell:

The walls and ceilings of the historic stairwell are painted according to chance:
Each of the 27 walls and ceilings (on five floors) was given an individual dye assigned by the throw of dice on colour charts by Goethe, Itten, Küppers and Munsell.

Working areas / offices:
29 small-scale sculptures populate the individual working areas following interviews with the employees about their field of activity. Specific combinations of materials and symbolic fragments allowed for the creation of a lurking network of secret relationships between departments or functions.
Mixed media, different dimensions.

The title "I can't stop the dancinc chicken" drawns from a line in one of the final scenes of Werner Herzog's film Stroszek. The film was part of a program I curated on the same occasion for the Goethe-Institut London. It explored how spaces of freedom result from attempts of resistance.

Film program: Carte Blanche for Gloria Zein


Text link:
Gloria Zein in conversation with Stephanie Rosenthal

Gloria Zein and Richard Bryant (images 2-4 and 16)

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